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The Origin of Hip-Hop

The Origin of Hip-Hop

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The Origin of Hip-Hop
April 18, 2021
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Panel 1 : Int. Recording Booth – Day
Rapper’s Delight Recording Session, 1979

The 3 members of The Sugarhill Gang: Master Gee, Big Bank Hank, and Wonder Mike, crowd around a microphone.

Master Gee
My verse is about how the ladies love me.
Panel 2 : Int. Recording Booth – Continuous

Big Bank Hank speaks.

Big Bank Hank
My verse is also about how the ladies love me.
Panel 3 : Int. Recording Booth – Continuous

Now Wonder Mike.

Wonder Mike
My verse is about an awkward dinner party!
Panel 4 : Int. Recording Booth – Continuous

The guys look skeptical as Wonder Mike tries to sell his idea with a big grin.