Bird In The Hand

Bird In The Hand

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Bird In The Hand
September 15, 2020
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Panel 1 : Int. Void – Day

A cute blue bird with a white tuff on its head sits in a person’s hand. It smiles.

Bird in the Hand
Panel 2 : Int. Void – Day

The same bird sits in an open can of beans.

Bird in a Can
Panel 3 : Int. Void – Day

The same bird sits on top of a giant, cooked ham.

Bird on the Ham
Panel 4 : Int. Void – Day

The same bird holds a red guitar. Over its left eye is painted a pink bolt of lightning. It’s white tuft has been replaced by a blonde, spiky mohawk. Behind it is a red drum set. Seated at the drum set is another cute bird. This one green with a floppy blond mohawk. On the kick drum of the drum set is written the band name: “The Birbs.”

Bird in a Band
Kevin and his bird peering out from behind an email app's icon

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