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The Real MVP

The Real MVP

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The Real MVP
February 12, 2023
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Panel 1 : Int. Football Stadium – Evening

Confetti rains down on a football field at the end of the Super Bowl. A sportscaster interviews Kevin on the field. Kevin wears a player’s uniform and holds the M.V.P. trophy.

…Well, y’know, -pant- time was running out. I didn’t -pant- think I could hold on to it, but then I did…
Panel 2 : Int. Football Stadium – Continuous

Kevin hoists the M.V.P. trophy above his head.

…I just want to thank God, my team, and my parents for believing in me. Miracles can happen! Thank you!!
Panel 3 : Int. TV Studio – Continuous

Cut to the studio, where two sportscasters chat.

Sportscaster 1
And there you have it: Kevin McShane named M.V.P. for remembering to bring home his tupperware from the Super Bowl potluck.
Panel 4 : Int. Kevin’s Apartment – Continuous

Cut to real life. Kevin stands in his apartment, holding his tupperware up like the M.V.P. trophy. Behind him, his bird quips:

You’re sooo proud of yourself.
I always forget!