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The Face of a Real Man

The Face of a Real Man

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The Face of a Real Man
April 16, 2023
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Panel 1 : Int. Void – Day

Close on Kevin’s hands, shaking a bit of moisturizer from a pink bottle into his palm. A few feet away, a gruff-looking fellow puts up his hand in protest.

Gruff-Looking Fellow
Moisturizer? With sunscreen? -pfft- I don’t use any of that girlie stuff.
Panel 2 : Int. Void – Continuous

The gruff-looking fellow gets in Kevin’s face, pointing at his own. Kevin recoils.

Gruff-Looking Fellow
This here’s the face of a real man!
Panel 3 : Int. Void – Continuous

Extreme close-up on the fellow’s scowling face. It’s burnt, cracked, pock-marked, and craggy. It’s… not pleasant.

Panel 4 : Int. Void – Continuous

Kevin winces.

Real men have skin cancer?
Gruff-Looking Fellow
You mean my face rubble?