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Every. Job. Site.

Every. Job. Site.
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Every. Job. Site.

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Every. Job. Site.
February 13, 2024
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Panel 1 : Int. Office – Day

A website—personified with glasses, a moustache, and arms and hands—sits in a chair at a desk. Across its forehead is written EVERY JOB SITE. It beckons to someone off-camera.

Just give me your resumé and I’ll auto-populate our application for you!
Panel 2 : Int. Office – Continuous

Wide shot revealing Kevin sitting on the other side of the desk. Wearing a short-sleeved dress shirt and red tie, he hands his resume to the website.

Panel 3 : Int. Office – Continuous

The website adjusts its glasses, looking at Kevin’s resume.

Ah! I see your last job was “Resumé” with a start date of “Baltimore” and an end date of “Microsoft Word”
Panel 4 : Int. Office – Continuous

Reverse on Kevin. He frowns and beckons the website to give him his paper back.

-Sigh- Just let me do it.
Panel 5 : Int. Office – Moments Later

Kevin and the website still sitting at the desk.

Isn’t this a Dilbert comic?
No. I’m not a racist.