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Just Trying To Make A Living

Just Trying To Make A Living
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Just Trying To Make A Living

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Just Trying To Make A Living
December 4, 2023
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Don’t tell Instagram, but I’ve started a Patreon. Patreon, if you don’t know, is a membership site where you can get access to exclusive bonus material from me for a small monthly fee. Tiers start at $2 a month and come with a bunch of cool stuff: including bonus comics; old, embarrassing comics from my archive; and a monthly, invite-only “Draw With Me” livestream. Join me!


Panel 1 : Int. Void – Day

A cartoon version of You, with all your wit, charm, and good looks, walks up to Kevin and waves.

Hi, Kevin! I really like your comics and cartoons!
Gee thanks!
Panel 2 : Int. Void – Continuous

Kevin motions to a nearby door. It’s a frosted glass door with a sign over it. Cut off by the panel border, the sign reads only “Patre”. Beyond the frosted glass door, we can kinda make out baloons and some type of flashy lighting. Looks like a real party.

You know, I have some great bonus stuff over here if you’re interested.
Panel 3 : Int. Void – Continuous

You smile that winning smile everyone loves.

Oh cool! You’ve got a Patre-
Panel 4 : Int. Void – Continuous

From off-screen, Kevin interrupts you by shoving his hand in your face. His finger presses your lips, quieting you.

Panel 5 : Int. Void – Continuous

Kevin comes in close next to you, pressing his cheek into yours.

Kevin (whispering)
The Algorithm will hear you!
Bonus : Int. Void – Moments Later

The Algorithm, a towering, angry robot, appears behind You and Kevin. It extends its arms out in a menacing way. You and Kevin shrink in fear.

The Algorithm
Outside Link Detected!!