Kustody Kitchen!

Kustody Kitchen!

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Kustody Kitchen!
March 20, 2022
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Panel 1 : Int. TV Studio – Day

Two parents stare each other down, holding up plates of pasta.

Thursday at 8! Two newly-divorced parents face off to see who can make the most delicious meal…
Panel 2 : Int. TV Studio – Continuous

A smiling boy, wearing a blindfold, tries the pasta as the parents look on.

…for the most important judges of all… their kids!
Panel 3 : Int. TV Studio – Continuous

The Mom stands smiling with her son. A winning ribbon pinned to her chest. In the background, security pulls the father away. The Dad reaches out and yells in desperation.

…and whoever loses, gives up visitation rights FOREVER! It’s Kustody Kitchen!
Panel 4 : Int. Living Room – Continuous

Kevin sits on the couch with his bird, watching this commercial. His eyes wide in shock.

Holy shit.
Right? I love this show.
Kevin and his bird peering out from behind an email app's icon

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