Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine

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Rage Against The Machine
January 22, 2023
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Panel 1 : Int. Kevin’s Apartment – Day
Caption: 20 years ago…

Past Kevin sits at his drafting table, drawing comics. Behind him, a time portal opens and a desperate Future Kevin leans out.

Future Kevin
Hey! I’m YOU from the future! Don’t post our artwork online!
Panel 2 : Int. Kevin’s Apartment – Continuous

Future Kevin continues

Future Kevin
In the future, companies will train A.I. to mimic our style without our consent!
Panel 3 : Int. Kevin’s Apartment – Continuous

Future Kevin continues.

Future Kevin
Then, any talentless hack can make comics just like ours!

Past Kevin looks down skeptically at his work.

Panel 4 : Int. Kevin’s Apartment – Continuous

Past Kevin raises his eyebrows.

Past Kevin
…Like ours, but funny?
Future Kevin
Kevin hunched over his laptop

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