Stop Asking

Stop Asking
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Stop Asking

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Stop Asking
August 13, 2023
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Panel 1 : Int. Party – Day

At a party, a drunk frat guy walks up to Kevin.

Frat Guy
Hey! Cartoon Boy! Put me in one of your comics!
Sorry, but no…
Panel 2 : Int. Party – Continuous

The frat guy presses.

Frat Guy
C’mon! I bet I’m funnier than your dumb characters.
Oh, I’m sure you are.
Panel 3 : Int. Party – Continuous

Fed up, Kevin explains.

Look, no offense, but stop asking cartoonists to be in their comics. It’s just not going to happen, okay?
Panel 4 : Int. Void – Continuous

Zoom out to Kevin, sitting at his desk, drawing the comic we’ve just been reading. He lifts his pen from his monitor.

Kevin (realizing)
Wait. (beat) Shit.
Kevin and his bird peering out from behind an email app's icon

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