The Best Streaming Service

The Best Streaming Service
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The Best Streaming Service

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The Best Streaming Service
October 2, 2023
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Panel 1 : Int. Kevin’s Apartment – Day

Kevin walks through the front door of his apartment at night, taking off his jacket. His bird sits on a nearby table, playing jacks. The bird looks up at Kevin.

Hey! Where have you been?
At the gas station, filling up my car.
Panel 2 : Int. Kevin’s Apartment – Continuous

Kevin hangs up his jacket as his bird looks at him skeptically.

For three hours?
Yeah. There was this amazing movie on Gas Station TV.
Panel 3 : Ext. Gas Station – Earlier

Kevin stands at the pump, staring at the tiny gas station TV, holding back tears. He holds the pump handle in his hand. The gas cap on his car is open. He hasn’t even started pumping gas yet. The sun is setting. A line of cars behind him HONK incessantly at him.

Panel 4 : Int. Kevin’s Apartment – Continuous

Kevin shrugs.

Scorsese? At the Exxon?!
These streaming wars are getting out of hand.
Panel 5 : Int. Kevin’s Apartment – Continuous

An attendant approaches Kevin at the pump.

Sir? Are you crying?
Kevin (clearly crying)
No! It’s the gas fumes! Shut up!
Kevin and his bird peering out from behind an email app's icon

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