Opening Up

Opening Up

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Opening Up
July 16, 2020
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This is probably my most political comic to date. It blew up on Reddit. I think it even made it to the front page. People used the comments as a place to debate COVID-19 lockdown re-opening. The debate got so heated that the moderators of r/funny actually took it down.


Panel 1 : Ext. Castle Courtyard – Day

A King addresses a crowd of his subjects from the top of a high wall.

My loyal subjects.. I’ve decided to reopen the castle!
Panel 2 : Int. Castle Courtyard – Continuous

From the crowd below, a lowly subject speaks up. Behind him is the main gate of the castle. On the other side of that, a green fog can be seen lingering right over the wall.

But Your Majesty! The Murder Fog is right outside the gates! We’ll be killed!
Panel 3 : Int. Castle Courtyard – Time

The king motions to a group of three younger people to his left. They look insufferable. Like mideval hipsters.

I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I have no choice… Beck and her friends MUST BRUNCH!
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