The Bank Loan (Part 3)

The Bank Loan (Part 3)

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The Bank Loan (Part 3)
November 20, 2022
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Panel 1 : Int. Bank Office – Day

The bank Branch Manager sits behind his desk opposite Kevin and his bird, looking over a handfull of papers.

Branch Manager
Sir, this business plan was clearly written by your pet bird, and we don’t give bank loans to birds.
Panel 2 : Bank Office – Continuous

Dressed in a large, green bird outfit, Kevin scoffs. Dressed in a collar and tie, his bird perches next to him.

That’s preposterious! Are you suggesting I’m not the one who came up with the idea for…
Panel 3 : Int. Bank Office – Continuous

Kevin picks up one of the loan application papers in front of him and reads it briefly.

Panel 4 : Bank Office – Continuous

Kevin returns to his hauty posture.

…”Pluckr: The Dating App for Birds?”
Panel 5 : Int. Car – Later

Kevin drives home from the bank. On his shoulder, his bird throws up his wings in disgust.

It’s a billion dollar idea!
Obviously. They have no vision.
Kevin and his bird peering out from behind an email app's icon

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