The Future of Entertainment

The Future of Entertainment

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The Future of Entertainment
June 18, 2023
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Panel 1 : Int. VR Headset – Day

From a user’s POV inside a VR headset, a cute robot character floats into view.

Hi! I’m Genie, your A.I.-powered entertainment bot! What do you want to watch today?
User (O.S.)
I wanna watch a movie where Spider-Man fights Batman at Wrestlemania!
Panel 2 : Int. Living Room – Continuous

The user sits in his recliner, a beer in his hand

Genie (O.S.)
Sorry. I’m afraid I can’t do that.
Why not? I thought A.I. can create whatever I want.
Panel 3 : Int. VR Headset – Continuous

In the headset, Genie explains.

Well, see… Spider-Man is owned by Disney, Batman is owned by Warner Bros, and Wrestlemania is WWE. To combine them legally, I would need a licensing agreement between all three companies that allows for… (trailing off)
Panel 4 : Ext. Street – Later

Later, on the side of the road, two sanitation workers empty trash cans into a garbage truck. One worker holds up something he fished out of a can.

Sanitation Worker
Hey look! Another pair a’them expensive goggles!
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