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The 2 Types of Self-Quarantine

The 2 Types of Self-Quarantine

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The 2 Types of Self-Quarantine
March 15, 2020
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Panel 1 : Int. Living Room – Evening

Kevin slumps on the couch, playing a video game. His eyes sleepy. His hair disheveled. He hasn’t shaved. Empty delivery container, dirty laundry, and trash are strewn everywhere. He’s wearing sweatpants and only one sock – that has a hole in it.

Panel 2 : Int. Living Room – Alternate Timeline

Kevin sits perfectly erect on the same couch in a bright orange hazmat suit. His living room is sparkling clean. His face is frozen in a wide, toothy smile of anxiety. Sweat beads on his brow. On the endtable sits a single glass of red wine. He’ll never drink it.