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Touch Grass

Touch Grass
Bonus Panel
Touch Grass


Panel 1 : Ext. Park – Afternoon

Kevin lies in the grass of a field on a sunny summer day. Eyes closed. Hands behind his head. Smiling.

Aaaaah. There’s nothing like a lazy summer afternoon…
Panel 2 : Ext. Park – Continuous

Closer on Kevin’s face as a strange shadow creeps over him. He opens one eye to see:

Panel 3 : Ext. Park – Continuous

Kevin’s POV: The Grustle Monster standing over him, blocking out the sun. Furrowed brow. Frowning.

Panel 4 : Ext. Park – Continuous

Wider to reveal The Grustle Monster looming over Kevin in a menacing way.

Damnit I’m allowed to rest!
Panel 5 : Ext. Park – Later

Later, two passersby notice Kevin sitting on the grass, his full, two-monitor desktop set up in the grass in front of him.

Passerby 1
Did that guy bring his desktop to the park?

The Hogwarts Sorting Hat Is A Jerk

The Hogwarts Sorting Hat Is A Jerk

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The Hogwarts Sorting Hat Is A Jerk
August 31, 2018
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This comic is a perennial favorite. Every couple of months, a Harry Potter themed Instagram account will post it. Then all the others will too. People love the Harry Potter, what can I say?


Panel 1 : Int. Hogwarts – Night

A new Hogwarts student smiles as the Sorting Hat proclaims his house.

Sorting Hat
Panel 2 : Int. Hogwarts – Moments Later

Same thing. But with a different student.

Sorting Hat
Panel 3 : Int. Hogwarts – Moments Later

Same thing. Only this time with Kevin.

Sorting Hat
Only saw the movies! Never read the books!
Panel 4 : Ext. Hogwarts – Moments Later

Surrounded by new students, Dumbledore banishes Kevin from Hogwarts. Kevin, shoulders slumped, walks away.