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At a Loss

At a Loss

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At a Loss
April 30, 2023
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Panel 1 : Int. BuzzFeed Office – Day

Kevin walks into the lobby of BuzzFeed. Headphones in, backpack on, lanyard clipped to his pants pocket. He looks non-challant.

Panel 2 : Int. BuzzFeed Office – Moments Later

Kevin stops at the receptionist’s desk. The receptionist points off-panel. Kevin takes his headphone out of his ear and raises his eyebrows to listen to what the receptionist is saying.

Panel 3 : Int. BuzzFeed Office – Later

Kevin stands in a nearby hallway. A sad look on his face. He hands over a yellow BuzzFeed “LOL” icon to a person with a BuzzFeed logo for a face. The literal personification of the company, if you will.

Panel 4 : Int. Apartment – Later

Later, at home, Kevin lies on his side on his couch. Under a blanket, he stares off into the distance. Over him, on the top edge of the couch, his bird perches, extending a wing in an awkward, concerned gesture.