Work Friends

Work Friends
Bonus Panel
Work Friends


Panel 1 : Ext. Gotham City PD Roof – Night

Commissioner Gordon and Batman stand on the roof of the GCPD headquarters at night near the bat symbol.

Commissioner Gordon
Thanks for helping us catch The Riddler, Batman. Gotham owes you a great debt.
Panel 2 : Ext. Gotham City PD Roof – Continuous

Gordon and Batman stand facing each other for an awkward beat.

Panel 3 : Ext. Gotham City PD Roof – Continuous

Batman blurts out.

…Wanna hang out after work?
Panel 4 : Int. Psychiatrist’s Office – Later

Batman lays on a couch. Behind him in a chair, his therapist takes notes.

…And how are we doing with forming male friendships?
I’m so awkward!
Panel 5 : Int. All-Nite Diner – Later

Batman and Gordon sit stiffly in a booth of an all-night diner. Each has a strawberry milkshake in front of them.

How’s your milkshake?
Commissioner Gordon
– I should get home to my family…
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