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Catching Up

Catching Up
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Catching Up

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Catching Up
July 30, 2023
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Panel 1 : Int. Apartment – Day

Kevin, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and carrying luggage, stands in the doorway of his house. His bird greets him with raised wings.

Hey hey! Welcome back from vacation!
Thanks! What did I miss?
Panel 2 : Int. Apartment – Continuous

Kevin’s bird ponders.

Let’s see… He renamed it “X”, but he doesn’t own the trademark. So there probably a bunch of lawsuits coming. Also: he limited the number of tweets you can read without paying.
Panel 3 : Int. Apartment – Continuous

Kevin’s smile fades. His face ages as he listens to his bird go on.

Oh! And he started paying people to post, but you have to subscribe first – which kinda sounds like a pyramid scheme?
Panel 4 : Int. Apartment – Continuous

Kevin turns around and walks away, dragging his luggage with him. His bird calls after him.

…and did I mention he wants us to use it as a banking app? BECAUSE HE WANTS US TO USE IT AS A BANKING APP!
Bonus Panel 1 : Ext. Beach – Later

Now at the beach at sunset, Kevin drags his luggage behind him as he walks into the ocean.

Bonus Panel 2 : Ext. Beach – Later

Kevin is gone under the water. All that’s left are his footsteps and the drag marks of his luggage.

Keyboard Generals

Keyboard Generals


Panel 1 : Int. The Situation Room – Day

A stressed US President hunches over a large conference table in The Situation Room. Seated around the table are military generals, advisers, and policy leaders. On the table are laptops and papers with sensitive military information. The President motions to a round, bald-headed man wearing wraparound sunglasses and a Bored Ape Yacht Club t-shirt standing beside him. The guy throws up the devil horns sign.

“Gentlemen, this is a very precarious international situation, Which is why I brought in @callofdoody69 for his expert opinion.”